Thursday, January 22, 2009

Never saw it coming...

The weekend is upon us!

Twenty-four hours ago, I had absolutely no plans for the weekend...Aside from having my aunt and uncle on Saturday and making Chinese food - yes, I said making..not ordering - I had a fairly relaxed couple of days on the horizon. Normally, when looking forward to a quite break from the work week, I will do everything in my power to keep it so, but..

I have a date! :) Sort of. Well, I think it's a date. To tell you the truth, I haven't been on a "date" since high school, so I really have no clue what a date consists of these days. Let me break it down...I met this guy through the boyfriend of my best friend. Luckily her boyfriend is one of my good friends, and I get along with the majority of his friends as well. This is the third one of his friends that he has tried to set me up with...

The first, was fun for a month during the summer, but we just didn't click We ended up to be friends in the end, which is great!

The second - we danced together once, where he smelt my hair and after asking what shampoo I used, decided it was o.k. to share that he was a user of Head and Shoulders. Cue to exit.

So, now we are on to bachelor number three. When originally introduced to him, it was just as friends, and I had never given him much thought. In a group, we went to bars together, out for wings and beer, out for dinner. New Years rolled around, and it ended up being myself, the bff, her bf and bachelor #3. We had a great time!! Since then, we've seen each other in more group get-togethers, but I have always viewed him as a friend. All of this changed on Wednesday night...

I got a text message from him, asking if I would like to go a party with him Saturday night.
I panicked, lol, and immediately closed that message and sent a text to the bff. Never got an answer!!!

So, left to figure this out solo, I agreed to go, thinking I would drive and if worse comes to worse, could leave if I wasn't having any fun.

Yesterday was just one of those days I knew was not going to be least not where my job was concerned! Since I still hadn't heard from the bff, I sent her an e-mail. In her reply, she was very excited to hear about this new development with Bachelor#3, and insisted that I say yes to him. Good thing I already did. We spent the majority of the day chatting over e-mail, disecting what this 'date' meant. According to her, and her bf, and the previous bachelor#2..none of which are supposed to be talking about's legit and bachelor#3 was really in to me.

Oh - well. This changes things. In between e-mails, I spent the rest of my time pretending to work, but really trying to figure out how I felt about all of this. Bachelor#3 is a really fun guy...he makes me laugh. I'm not a big fan of his hair, but we can change that later. He doesn't have a hairy face - big plus for him there. Hmm...maybe we could be more than buddies. Maybe, I'm a little excited about this new development.

So - now I have a weekend jammed packed with plans! Bachelor#3 is in a band, who has a show tonight, which we are now all going to. Saturday, we have our 'date' and then will meet up with the bff and her bf afterwards. I'm nervous about this 'date'. Ah!!


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