Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just one of those mornings..

Having a bad day...and it's only 8:48am!!!
Started with somehow sleeping through my extremely obnoxious alarm to find myself waking up at 6:16am....16 minutes AFTER I'm supposed to be in my car, on my way to work. Excellent!
Got on the subway..which I know some people don't understand how or why, but I usually love taking it. Not this morning. Due to being late, it was a hell of a lot busier and people coughed, sneezed, yawned and stuck their armpits in my face. WTF people?? So rude!
Got to work, at 8:18am....18 minutes AFTER I start...even more excellent. Threw on some make up...normally I wouldn't even care, but one look in the bathroom mirror and I cringed...imagine what other people are going to think??
Made my oatmeal, and so far the only good thing today, met a very nice dude named Allan who is here from our Vancouver office. Chatted with him, returned to my desk with my oatmeal. Yummy :).
Took a sip of water...spilt it all down the front of my white blouse, which leaked through my white tank top, which has now revealed my purple bra. EXCELLENT!
Bah! Is it too late to decide to call in sick today??

Now that I have vented all of the horrendous drama that has occured in less than three hours, I realize it may seem minimal to some - but I have a downpacked routine every morning...when that routine goes south, so does my attitude. Doesn't help that the girls that I usually vent my frustrations to and laugh about afterwards aren't in the office today. Boo. Guess I am going to have to grin and bare it...let's just hope that the printer doesn't jam, or my stapler plays nice. Otherwise, it's D-Day for them!!

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Lee said...

Hey Sarah, hoping you're having a better day today! I don't have your e-mail, so your letter for the 10 Things post is: K

Can't wait to see your post!