Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So far, so good.

I finally kicked my lazy personality to the curb and am living and eating healthier. Although it may seem I am starting out slow, making only minor changes - to me, these are HUGE changes in my day to day routine. Instead of sleeping in until the absolute last possible moment before having to get up and go to work, I am now out of bed by 6:20am. I walk the dogs for half an hour, then return home to get ready for work.

I have also changed my eating habits!! This, I won't lie, has been the hardest to accomplish. Being a snacker, a nibbler...I had very bad habits of eating constently through out the day, choosing the not-so-healthy options. As of yesterday, I am following a meal plan suited for my appropriate calorie intake and only eat what is specified for each day.

Getting started on this was a little discouraging, because as part of figuring out your meal plan, you have to enter in information such as your age, height and weight. In return you are given your BMI (Body Mass Index) and what your calorie intake should be to maintain this weight. I was quite upset by the fact that, being over weight...I'm accounted for as "obese" under the eyes of the Ministry of Health. AWESOME........ Regardless, I sucked it up and continued forward, dragging my mum and sister along with me!! I don't know how serious they have taken any of this, but I have made a vow to myself to stick to it - and I plan to. I will say though, it's rather easy...almost too easy. The most tedious part, is preparing your meals, because you have to actually weigh and measure all your portions. But in the end, it's worth it. Well, I hope it will be worth it!

I aimed for a meal plan designed for lower calorie in take, in hopes to lose weight, not maintain the one I'm currently carrying. As I said, it has only been one day...only 13 left to go. From what I can see and how I feel, I am completely satisfied. The meal plan allows for three meals a day, with morning, afternoon and evening snack. Of course, I am eating much less than what I was taking in before, but can already feel myself adjusting. And, if I feel those "hunger" pains in between snacks or meals, I chug down some water and fill the whole. Keep your fingers crossed for me...I'm looking for a whole new Sarah!

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