Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I could see straight into the house across the road - a light embrace before the lights were turned out, the couple turning in for the night.

I adjusted the sheer curtain so that I could see out the window, feel the breeze whisper through the open screen. Crawling in to bed, the cold cotton floated around my legs...a sensation I look forward to each night. i rested my head on the plush pillow, facing the sky. There is no moon tonight, and I try lose myself in the mixture of velvety blue and swirls of grey cloud. Rolling into a more comfortable position, my left arm falls across the empty space next to me. An overwhelming feeling of loneliness washed over me. I quickly push it away. It isn't often I feel this way, and perhaps that is why the emotion comes on so strongly. Regardless, I fight it...never quite ridding myself of the longing for someone elses company. I close my eyes, hoping the darkness will soother me, lull me to sleep. I wait a minute, then two - nothing. I am wide awake and haunted.

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